As an Artist

Visual Artist & Multimedia Designer

The Craft of Traditional Photography

I have participated in the craft of photography as a digital artist, fine art photographer, multimedia web designer, and visual educator. I have been involved in photography and digital imaging for over sixteen years. I am skilled in multiple platforms and have in-depth experience in traditional photography, and Adobe Creative Suite®.

At one time, I was a member of the visual arts faculty at Washtenaw Community College located in Ann Arbor, Michigan specializing in courses versed in Adobe Photoshop® and traditional photography.

I also instructed courses at Wayne State University in Detroit and University of Michigan.

Investigating Multiple Formats

Breaking Free from Traditional Landscape

A Master's in Photography from Wayne State University in May of 2007 would help transform my vision. With the help of many instructors, I was able to break free from fine art landscape and delve into vacant lots, warehouses and dilapidated structures of yesterday's consumption.

Earlier in December of 1999, I earned an Associate's Degree in Photographic Technology from Washtenaw Community College. I was active as a photography lab assistant for 3 years mixing chemistries such as Dektol, X-tol, RA-4, Blix, E-6, C-41.

In December of 1996, I received a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Michigan State University. I soon found myself back in Ann Arbor with a camera in my hands looking to explore my inner voice.