The Craft of Traditional Photography

The Craft of Traditional Photography

I have participated in the craft of photography as a digital artist, fine art photographer, multimedia web designer, and visual educator. I have been involved in photography and digital imaging for over eighteen years. I am skilled in multiple platforms and have in-depth experience in traditional photography, and Adobe Creative Suite®.

For a decade, I was a member of the visual arts faculty at Washtenaw Community College located in Ann Arbor, Michigan specializing in courses versed in Adobe Photoshop®, multimedia design, digital capture software, and traditional photography.

During this time, I was also extended the opportunity to teach at Wayne State University in Detroit, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and the Art Institute of Michigan in Novi.

- Craft Timeline -

2000-2009: Washtenaw Community College - Visual Arts Faculty
Design technology, digital imaging and traditional photography.

2008-2009: Art Institute of Michigan - Adjunct Faculty
Photography and digital imaging.

2003: Wayne State University - Photography Faculty
Photography and digital imaging.

2001: University of Michigan - Assistant Professor
Traditional black and white photography.

- Scholar Timeline -

2003-2007: Wayne State University - Master's of Photography
Visual experiences range from traditional print processes such as intaglio, lithography and serigraphy, to digital photo processes and historical photo restoration, art history and thesis, image preparation and optimization, graphics, print publishing and web design. Explored the human condition through documentation of Detroit and its many challenges of poverty, homelessness, corporate greed and racial division.

1998-1999: Washtenaw Community College - Associate's in Photographic Technology
35mm, medium and large format traditional color and b/w photography from Canon, Wisner, Toyo and Hasselblad, including negative and positive slide chrome film hand developed and printed on fiber based paper in state-of-the-art darkrooms. Digital technology employed in the use of drum and film scanners, digital capture, creative and media software to control color and consistency between devices for output on high resolution archival inkjet and giclée printers.

1992-1996: Michigan State University - Bachelor of Arts in Business Marketing
Business curriculum included Advertising, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Statistics and General Law with peripheral studies in Engineering, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology and Art.

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