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Burk Uzzle: American Puzzles

Exhibit at the Steven Kasher Gallery in New York is born out of a six decade love affair with America. The photographer says, "America is the most exotic country in the world. It is also the loneliest."

Why Does the Debt Keep Increasing?

The federal reserve bank became the Central Bank of the United States in 1913, a central bank already existed in England from as far back as 1694 when the government of King William III was in desperate need of money.

US National Debt Clock in Real Time

This clock shows in real time the amount of debt in trillions of dollars while displaying work force numbers, debt per taxpayer, number of unemployed, house prices, bankruptcies and median income comparisons.

San Bernardino Is Second Poorest City

San Bernardino, another middle class "All-America City" is now bankrupt, the poorest city of its size in California, and a symbol of the nation's worst urban woes.

Abandoned Photos Found In Detroit

Funny what photographers find on the street once they start looking. Robert Frank found latent disillusion; Gary Winnogrand found random social clarity; Phillip Lorce DeCorcia found the breadth and depth of exchange.