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New York-based Artist Kara Walker

Best known for her candid investigation of race, gender, sexuality, and violence through silhouetted figures that have appeared in numerous exhibitions worldwide.

Colorization of Historical Photos

Marina Amaral started to restore and put color into photos that were originally black and white, allowing people to see history from a new and colorful perspective.

Hiroshima and Photos of the Atom Bomb

A number of pre-war and post-war images of Hiroshima, gathered here, a stark reminder of a nuclear weapon detonated over a densely-populated area.

GM Holden Closes Elizabeth SA Factory

Thousands of GM Holden owners participate in a 10km dream cruise near the Elizabeth factory to mark the end of an era for car manufacturing in Australia.

Running Down a Dream – Tom Petty

The proverbial clouds had parted and I was given free rein of where I could photograph Petty, he greeted us with a smile, wearing his familiar tinted glasses.

Carlos Diaz and the Legacy of Detroit

These collage pieces bring together Diaz’s interests in the American Industrial Revolution that gave birth to the working class and the legacy of Detroit.

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